Explore resources from Weathering Risk, including assessments, studies, roadmaps, climate risk profiles, practical notes, mapping exercises, policy papers and infographics. 


Assessments, studies and roadmaps explore the effects of climate change impacts, identify key climate security pathways and provide actionable recommendations and entry points for governments, UN agencies, donors, civil society, international organisations and key context-specific actors. 


Climate risk profiles provide forward-looking data on a region's climate with the goal of supporting resilience-oriented short to long-term planning. Weathering Risk climate risk profiles summarise projected climate parameters and related sectoral impacts under different emissions scenarios. These profiles are used in assessments, studies and roadmaps. 

  • © usgs/
    © usgs/

    Climate Risk Profile: Jordan

  • Mali_WR_IngaIsrael
    © Inga Israel / adelphi

    Climate, Peace and Security Assessment: Mali

  • An aerial view of desert sand dunes
    © Sam Wermut; unsplash

    Climate Risk Profile: Iraq

  • Weathering Risk Levant Scenario Cover image
    © Inga Israel

    Scenario-based analysis: Levant

  • An aerial photograph of a sea shore with sand and rocks

    Climate Risk Profile: Somalia