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The Weathering Risk methodology innovatively combines state-of-the-art quantitative assessments, such as cross-sectoral climate impact modelling, with qualitative stakeholder-focused approaches and scenario-based foresight methods. The methodology is replicable and can be flexibly applied to different geographies and depths of analysis. Access the methodology paper here.


Weathering Risk case studies will provide detailed evidence of how climate-related security risks manifest across different regions and sectors. Locally grounded analyses will focus on contexts such as Mali, Sudan and the Pacific, with additional reports addressing themes such as food and water. Our first results will be published in late 2021.


The Weathering Risk project aims to enhance capacity for action, improve risk informed planning, and advance operational responses. We closely link our work to international processes such as COP26, the G7 and the UN Security Council. The first Weathering Risk policy paper offers five steps donors and governments should take to deliver on the climate-security agenda. 

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