18.06.2024 00:00 – 21.06.2024 23:59
Leiden University, Turfmarkt 99, The Hague, 2511 DP Netherlands

Third International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding

The Third International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding will convene leading practitioners, academics, and thought leaders in the field of environmental peacebuilding.
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Synopsis: Key themes will feature at the International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding, including:

  • Climate change
  • Water
  • Peace, justice, and accountability
  • Natural resources and conservation
  • Data and digital technologies


adelphi at the Third International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding

  • 19 June, 11:00 - 12:30
    Trust and peace-building through climate and environmental considerations: Insights from the Weathering Risk Peace Pillar
    This event will explore how mainstreaming climate and environmental considerations in peacebuilding activities can contribute to trust building and sustaining peace. Panellists will illustrate practical examples learned from the Weathering Risk Peace Pillar projects in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, and the Bay of Bengal. The event will open space for dialogue, learning and interrogation by peers to support more effective peace programming at large. Panellists will consist of expert practitioners from the Peace Pillar project, engaged in a roundtable discussion.

    • Peshtiwan AlDawoudi, Berghof Foundation
    • Hisham Al-Omeisy, European Institute of Peace 
    • Pascal Grimm, Berghof Foundation 
    • Sreejith Sugunan, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue 
    • Caroline Nyaga, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue 

    Moderator: Alina Viehoff, adelphi

  • 19 June, 11:00-12:30
    Anticipating Complex Crises at the Intersection of Climate and Conflict: Learning from Forensic Investigations of Disasters
    • Sinéad Barry, adelphi
    • Gabriel Pollen, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, Zambia
    • Juan Carlos Sanchez Ramirez, International Water Management Institute
  • 20 June, 16:00 – 17:30
     Peace and Parks: Conservation and Farmers’ Rights
    Workshop drawing on the case of scientific expeditions in post-agreement Colombia that integrate farmers, scientists, park ranger authorities, and former combatants to develop eco-tourism.

    •  Beth Sua Carvajal, WWF Colombia 
    •  Hector Morales Muñoz, adelphi 
    •  McKenzie Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • 21 June, 09:00 - 10:30
    Monitoring and Evaluating Environmental Peacebuilding and Resilience
    Roundtable on Monitoring and Evaluation in Environmental Peacebuilding and Resilience, sharing lessons learned from using conflict-sensitivity analysis for M&E.

    • Emily Sample, Fund for Peace 
    • Hector Morales Muñoz, adelphi 
    • Ousseyni Kalilou, Gum Arabic Institute of Poverty Alleviation 
    • Harry Verhoeven, Columbia University (tbc) 
    • Amanda Woomer, Oxford Policy Management 

  • 21 June, 11:00 - 12:00
    Understanding and Addressing the Drivers of Climate-Related Conflict
    • Sinéad Barry, adelphi 
    • Jürgen Scheffran, University of Hamburg 
    • Audrey Legat, Deltares 
    • Joris van Wijk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
    • Jasper de Bie, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Moderator: Celestine Procter, Alliance for Peacebuilding


Read the conference's draft agenda