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Weathering Risk is a flagship multilateral initiative that is developing and piloting integrated approaches for climate and security risk and foresight assessments in order to facilitate risk informed planning, enhance capacity for action and improve operational responses that promote climate resilience and peace.

Piloting the Weathering Risk Methodology


Regional and thematic assessments of climate-related security risks are at the core of Weathering Risk. The papers pilot and refine the Weathering Risk Methodology and gather further detailed evidence on how climate-related security risks manifest across different regions and sectors. Drawing on collaborations with multiple UN agencies and multilateral organisations, results are locally and contextually grounded. The analysis focuses on select regions – Mali, Arab States Region, and the Pacific – as well as on food and water. At the end of the project, all papers will be combined in the flagship Weathering Risk report – the leading publication on climate change and security. 

Policy Recommendations & Policy Papers


Weathering Risk turns strategic uncertainty into manageable risk and contributes to informed decision making. We always translate scientific outcomes into actionable policy recommendations. Our focus lies on enhancing capacity for action, improving risk informed planning, and advancing operational responses. We closely link our work to international processes such as COP26, the G7 and the UN Security Council. The first Weathering Risk policy paper offers five steps donors and governments should take to deliver on the climate-security agenda. 

Events & Dialogue Formats


Weathering Risk and its events are the central hub for the climate security community of practice. Our unique combination of improved evidence, tailored policy outputs and community engagement advances conceptualisations of climate and security as well as stakeholder’s agendas. We aim to move beyond the “risk multiplier” narrative and identify the most pertinent current issues to tackle across borders and sectoral silos. The adelphi-Wilton Park dialogue series “Climate Security in 3D” initiated these efforts, bringing together international and multilateral partners from across ‘the 3Ds’: diplomacy, development and defence. The News & Events section provides an overview of all upcoming events.​​​​​​


Most important to me is that the initiative is also aimed at identifying concrete entry points for political and preventive action such as improving early warning systems and our early response capabilities, as well as strengthening the resilience of vulnerable sectors and institutions.

 Antje Leendertse, State Secretary, German Federal Foreign Office

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