02.11.2021 15:30 – 17:00
German Pavilion, COP26, Glasgow UK

Climate, Peace and Stability: Weathering Risk Through COP and Beyond

This high-level side event at COP26 will set out an evidence-based, coherent narrative on climate, peace and stability. Hosted by Germany, adelphi and the Munich Security Conference, with Luxembourg, Nauru, and the United Arab Emirates, the event aims to build on multilateral momentum to establish leadership and guiding principles for climate action which can advance peace and stability.
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A livestream of this event will be available through the digital COP26 German PavilionEvent times are shown in GMT.

Climate change is without doubt among the greatest security threats to humankind in the 21st century, jeopardising peace and stability and making clear the need for urgent, ambitious climate action.

At the same time, ambitious climate action – financing, adaptation and mitigation – can inadvertently have an adverse impact on peace and stability in fragile contexts, if not approached in a conflict sensitive manner. Decarbonisation can change and potentially destabilise geopolitical power relations. Weak governance structures rooted in political instability and conflict often lack the capacity to tackle climate change effectively. 

Yet the implications of climate change on peace and stability, and issues of climate finance, mitigation, and adaptation and are still too often discussed as separate challenges in different fora. This conversation at COP26 seeks to promote understanding of how to address the specific implications of climate change on peace and stability through all relevant channels of climate action.

The event forms part of a high-level multilateral process, following on from the Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2021, bridging to Munich Security Conference 2022 and then to COP27 and beyond.


Confirmed participants include:

High-level representatives are expected from: Barbados, Denmark, European Union, France, Gabon, Kenya, Malta, Mali, Ireland, Japan, Maldives, Niger, Norway, St Vincent & Grenadines, UAE, UK and USA. Heads of the International Committee of the Red Cross and NATO are also expected to attend.

Why the Peace Perspective matters at COP26

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