05.06.2024 10:00 – 11:30

Weathering Risk at the FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2024

The sixth edition of the FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum is themed Shifting Power in Peace: New Dynamics and Agendas – Reshaping Cooperation for Sustainable Peace and Development.
FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2024
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5 June, 10:00 - 11:30
Upscaling peace-positive climate action and climate-informed peacebuilding: lessons learned and ways forward
Where: tbc, Berlin, Germany 
Registration: Invitation only, contact Nina Schmelzer (schmelzer@adelphi.de)

Kindly note that the above contact information is only relevant for this specific session. For more information about the forum, please visit the forum website here.

This 90-minute-roundtable discussion aims at encouraging reflection and knowledge exchange on programming and financing peace-positive climate action/climate-informed peacebuilding, with a view to feed into efforts to implement Germany’s Strategy on Climate Foreign Policy in a whole-of-government-approach, as well as support the mainstreaming of climate- and conflict-sensitive approaches into other policy dimensions. To do so, it will bring together policy-makers from different German ministries, as well as practitioners and experts from German-based NGOs, think tank and academia that have expertise working on and implementing integrated climate-peace projects and programmes in various contexts. Current experiences at designing and implementing integrated climate-peacebuilding projects and programmes in the context of the Weathering Risk Initiative in Iraq and Haiti will be presented to kick-start the discussion.

 Relevant publications/projects: 
Roots for peace: uncovering climate security challenges in Haiti and what to do about them 
Climate Risk Profile: Iraq
Climate security challenges in Iraq: Entry points for local-level dialogue
Peace Pillar: Infrastructures for peace and environmental peacebuilding in Hirshabelle and Galmudug States, Somalia
• Peace Pillar: Strengthening Iraqi capacities to respond to climate risks and their impact on existing conflict dynamics

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